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European and Asian Sustainable Towns, the publication related to EAST project is available.

The publication was edited by Pascaline Gaborit and published by P.I.E Peter Lang International Academic Publishers in June 2014.

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Basildon hosted EAST last expert's panel

During three days, from the 19th to the 21st of March, Basildon council hosted the third and last panel of experts organized in the framework of EAST project. Delegates from Europe and Asia as well as experts discussed about the development of new towns or mature towns as some European cities already developed since the 1950s. It was a great opportunity to share the experience of Basildon which is undertaking the redevolpment of its housing stock and of its city center. The presentations and the minutes of the meeting will shortly be available.

Project Management Team

Project Management Team

European New Towns Platform/Pilot cities

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About EAST



EAST   Euro - Asia Sustainable Towns

From pilot to sustainable towns: Satellite cities and metropolitan governance

Seven partners and two associates from Europe and Asia join together in the project and contribute to its accomplishment. In the framework of the project, an organisational structure have been established (a coordination team, a financial officer and a coordinator of the project’s content). In order to achieve the expected result of project, a wide target group (Local urban planners, architects, urban developers of local authorities and all involved stakeholders) and a series of problems’ analysis have been defined.

The objective of this project “EAST” is indeed the development and the promotion of an integrated urban approach to foster the sustainable development of New Towns and satellite cities in Asia. In order to achieve this goal, the partners want to improve the capacities of the local teams (urban planners, architects, investors, local authorities) involved in the construction and management of Asian New Towns and satellite cities, in a context of booming urbanization rate in Eastern and Southern Asia, which generates important challenges for the local stakeholders (urban sprawl, problems of water and waste management, pollution…)

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • The promotion of an integrated approach of sustainable urban development in the creation and management of New Towns and satellite cities.
  • The improvement of capacities of local teams and development of skills.
  • The implementation of networks and knowledge exchange.
  • The implementation of local strategies and actions for sustainable urban development.
  • The development of measures to combat and adapt climate change.
  • The communication and visibility of the actions through active networking and dissemination of results.

All those specific objectives aim at providing local teams and local representatives the tools to develop an integrated approach for the creation and management of sustainable New Towns.

The project includes three main activities: Communication / Networking (coordination and management of the network); Study / Tools and pilot actions (comparative study, local action plans, pilot actions); Capacity-building (seminars and experts panels).